our bubble and traditional san marcos tea shop

Serenitea is named after our first daughter Serena. We started this tea shop because of our love for both traditional and boba tea. It's our desire to share that enjoyment with others. As our shop in San Marcos gains more support, it's our obligation to continue making memorable experiences for the customers who make this tea shop possible

you should drink tea because it...

  • supports the heart system and reduces the risk of stroke
  • activates circulation and keeps you hydrated
  • enables detoxification and the elimination of toxins
  • fights hypertension
  • reduces fatigue
  • slows the aging process
  • helps prevent certain types of cancer
  • aids digestion
  • reduces cholesterol
  • balances body temperatures
  • strengthens the immune system
  • protects your bones

Regular tea consumption reduces the risk of coronary disease by strengthening vascular walls, keeping your blood vessels elastic. Tea also slows the absorption of sugars and fats, controls hypertension, and helps fight food poisoning. 

tea drinking tips

  • Have some snacks while you enjoy tea. Too much tea in an empty stomach will make you feel even hungrier.
  • Keep the brew time short, since longer brews will make the tea bitter.
  • Properly measure the amount of tea you brew. Too much or too little tea creates an unpleasant cup.
  • Take care to drink your tea at the optimal temperature of 122F/50C.
  • Do not take medicine with tea.
  • Toss away overnight tea  

western and eastern style tea

Tea drinking is a worldwide phenomenon, but there are two major methodologies when it comes to drinking tea. California, being an intersection for Asian and American cultures, presents a unique opportunity to try both-- and at Serenitea, we accommodate both experiences. 

Western tea brewing originates from upper class European culture, where tea was a refined cultural expression of status. It is characterized by steeping a lesser amount of raw tea leaves for a longer period of time. Typically in this style, leaves are brewed all at once within a large quantity of water. Re-steeping the leaves is less common. Milk and sugar are commonplace when brewing western style tea, however, too much of either might upset the balance of taste created by the tea blend. Common western tea blends you may have heard about are Earl Grey and English Breakfast. 

Eastern tea brewing originates from Chinese and Japanese tradition. While serving, it's common to brew a greater amount of tea several times, drinking the the tea in smaller cups over a snack. Unlike Western tea, it's not typical to add milk or sugar so that the taste of the tea itself can be enjoyed to its fullest. Drinking tea Eastern style can be a very relaxing experience or a very social one. Common Eastern teas are oolong and green tea. 

bubble tea

Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble or boba tea is a relative newcomer to the tea drinking world, popular among young tea drinkers. Typically, boba tea is a black, green, or fruit tea mixed with milk and sugar with tapioca balls. Boba tea is a great on-the-go drink that has become a casual treat for many and a craving for many more. We see boba tea as a sort of gateway for a new generation of tea lovers to truly appreciate what the world of tea has to offer.